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Overclocking not working. ?

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Well, my old Mobo blew out, so now im stuck using a ::

Foxconn (Winfast) NF4SK8AA-8EKRS for a lil while, with
AMD 4200 +
XFX Geforce 8600 GTS XXX PCI-E
2 GB Kingston DDR 400 Mhz (512 x 4)

but oddly,

Everytime I overclock in bios and go to load windows... there are no changes..
When i reload the bios, it shows the updated bios info, but it never takes into effect....

Not sure what this would be classified under or anything =X
Anyone able to help me with this?

P.S. The Bios is Phoenix - Award Winning Bios
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Bleh, sorry... got it working now, forgot about the HT multiplier and other multipliers... lol

anyways, here's what I got to =)

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Nice OC, that's pretty good for a 4200+
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thx =) btw
u have any insight on OC'ing PCI-E?
never did it before and don't wanna mess up my video card or anything
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bleh, another problem came across....

Can't change OC settings...
Everytime the computer loads, it says, "verifying dmi pool data" and never says update successful... just skips it...

any suggestions?
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