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ok so i went to day to a computer store and talked a little while with the chinese dude over there...hardly understood each other but he mannaged to make me fully understand things and concepts that i had been explained so many times with no succes...thank you chinese dude! xD

i finally decided to go with the P5K-VM ATX mobo....surely not the best one out there, but im on a budget, its cheap (105$) and it will do the job...only downpoint: it doesnt support sux a bit but i dont think i will ever use this so its fine...
i also decided to go for the antec 900 tower and ill get a cheap power supply for 30$ until i get my video card

one more thing...out of subject but it makes me happy:
i do airbrush in my spare time and i would like to get some buisness started with this...i was planning on doing a nice airbrush on the case and i asked the chinese dude if he could put some pictures of it in his store when it will be done so people could ssee my work and hopefully get some contracts...he gladely accepted...
then we went a bit further in the conversation...and i proposed him to offer his customers some custom painted computer cases, to my surprise he seemed very enthousiast to this now ill bring him a couple different designs for him (or his customers) to choose from and his store will soon offer custom cases to anyone willing to pay the price! (he is also right next to a big, more popular computer i guess he will now have some kind of advantage over them...wich is probably the reason why he liked the idea so much lol!)
thats it! just wanted to share the happiness!