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Grid Demo Security Issues

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Hey y'all. Got me another problem.

I've just this hour installed the Grid demo for the second time. However, it doesn't want to seem to load up, and i am given this message:

It worked the first time i installed and played it, so why doesn't it want to work now?

I've also followed that link, and searched my system for the files it told me to search for, but nothing. Said page says this:

SecuROM™ has determined that a piece of software is hooking SecuROM™.

- Please close all programs which are running in the background.
- If the problem still persists, the problem is usually caused by a Virus or Spyware (you might want to check for 'Backdoor.B' under http://securityresponse.symantec.com...r.agent.b.html).
- Search for Interceptor.dll or InterceptHelper.dll on your PC; if you find them, your PC is infected.
- Please defragment your hard disc and do an in-depth Virus and Spyware check to clean your PC.
So yeah, searched for the files, defragmented not three days ago, and anti-virused less than a week ago too.

Can anyone help me out??
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Well, it seems to work when i run it in compatibility mode for windows 2000 for some reason.

My next problem is, that it keeps blue-screening and rebooting when the races start.

Any ideas for this new issue??
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