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Originally Posted by keyboard_commando View Post
Go with the core temps. Try this LINK

It explains a lot of the technical ins/outs. Youre not alone with this problem.
Thanks an informative guide, I'm reading it and they say

Tjunction (core temp) is higher than Tcase (cpu temp).
Well my stuff is quite the other way around
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Tcase reading could be higher because the Heat sink on the CPU isnt seated right. Or even not enough ventilation in the case. If its bugging you might be worth sticking a fan towards the CPU.
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..."Section 5: Findings...

...(B) Tcase is acquired on the CPU Die from the CPU Case Thermal Diode as an analog level, which is converted to a digital value by the super I/O chip on the motherboard. The digital value is Calibrated in BIOS and displayed by temperature software...

...(D) Tcase and Tjunction are both acquired from Thermal Diodes, however, analog to digital (A to D) conversions are executed by different devices in separate locations. BIOS Calibrations, factory DTS Calibrations and temperature software can all be erroneous"...

Tcase instability sources include:

(1) Case Thermal Diode

(2) Super I/O Chip

(3) BIOS

(4) OS Drivers

(5) Temperature Monitoring Utility

It is possible for BIOS thermal algorithms, which are processor model specific, to become corrupt, so it is one of several variables to eliminate. Also, if you don't mind jumping through a few hoops, you can upgrade SpeedFan 4.33 to Beta 4.34. Of course, except for cross referrencing temperatures, it is recommended that only one temperature monitoring utility be continuously run.
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Just tested the system with my overclock to 3.0Ghz
Core temps were 47 each
CPU temp was 65

Whatever, ill just stick with core temps, and even if CPU temp is accurate, 65 isnt horrible
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Try going back one revision in bios by reflashing. On the other thread I started that you responded to their is more detail.
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