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Failing onboard USB on new Mobo

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So i have had the mobo in my sig for around 1-2weeks now and randomly my USB devices except mouse and keyboard will just stop working when plugged into the mobo's onboard USB and unplugging them for a few sec and then re-inserting them doesn't work and i have to restart my machine.

Does anyone know if this is a common problem and if there is a solution or not and should i RMA the mobo back where i got it from or with Gigabyte.

Thanks in advance.
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May need to reinstall drivers for the mobo. Also, go into device manager, and check out what it says for the USB connection. Try disabling the USB, and rebooting, and letting it reload up. Might just work.

EDIT: or just try going to Device manager, and telling it to scan for new hardware when the stuff stops working. May recognize them again.
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well i've done 2 installs of windows with the motherboard, one when i 1st got it and then again when i upgradded Cpu and the problem has been there both times even after several install of the drivers.

It will work after a restart but then it will fail again and this can happen 2-3 times without warning or any idication of something being wrong
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Just installed a 650 watt psu after having a cheap ass 450w in there and thought that might help but nope its still failing several times even after restarts.

I am looking at RMA but would then not have a comp to use while i wait so i don't know what else i can do.
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this has happened to me before on front usb ports, that was because i had a can cooler and my mx518 plugged into them so i suspect low power.
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I thought power may have been an issue with having a cheap PSU but since i upgraded it from 450 to a ok 650watt its not made much of a diffrence.

All i have connected are a USB keyboad, mouse, wireless card and Ipod dock, and they all worked fine on my old mobo and they even worked fine on the mobo before that which wasn't the best.
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Does anyone know anything i can do or should i just RMA it.

If i do RMA it, is it best to get a refund and find a better board at under $100 or stick with a replacement, I would like this board better than my last one if it was working so not sure wether to get a replacement of this or a refund to get a better board??
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