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Hey everyone! I've been a long time builder, but now I've decided to go all out with a custom liquid cooled system. Previously I've used Swiftech kits etc, but now I want to purchase separate parts and really make something unique. Here's what I want to cool:

Intel Q9450
ATI 4870X2 (Once it's released) OR a GTX 280
Silverstone TJ10
Asus Maximus Formula II

My first question is, do I really need 2 separate loops, or can I get away with a single loop on a 120.3 radiator in the roof of the case?

Second: Can I use 3/8 tubing rather than 1/2 and still get enough flow to keep the CPU and GPU cool? It seems the 1/2 tubing is very hard to route.

So far I'm thinking of:

Swiftech MCP655-B
Danger Den Black Ice GT 120.3 Rad
D-Tek Fusion CPU Block
Danger Den or Swiftech Stealth GPU Block (Obviously depends on what card I get)

Any guidance or suggestions would be great.