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Hy , i have an isue with asus maximus extreme,

Q9450(thermalight ifx-14), asus maximus extreme (bios 1102), corsair 2x2giga 1600mhz (CM3X2g1600c9DHX).

1 i whanted to test how much can u OC without any voltage , so i manualy put all voltages on default , you can see may settings on bios :

-Ai overclock tune = manual
-OC mem lev up= auto
-cpu ratio set= 8.0
-FSB frecv= 333
-pci frecv= 100

-ddram frecv = ddr1333mhz
-ddram command rate = 1t
-ddram timing control= manual
-cash# latency = 9
-ras# to cas# latency =9
-ras# precharge = 9
-ras# active time=24
-ras# to ras# delay = 4
-row refresh cycle time = 60
-write ricovery time = 9
-read to precharge time =6
-read to write delay (s/d)= 9
-write to read delay (s)= 5
-write to read delay (d)= 6
-read to read delay (s)= 4
-read to read delay(d)=7
-write to write delay (s)=4
-write to write delay (d)=7

-ddram static read control = auto
-dram dynamic write control=auto

i know this 2 u have to disable them , but in my configuration if i set them on disable i cant enter in windows ( sistem freeze before enter windows)

-Ai clock twister = strong
-ai clock skew for chanel A = auto
-ai clock skew for chanel B = auto
-Ai transaction booster = enable
-Boost level=2

-Cpu voltage 1.24375v
-cpu ppl voltage = 1.52v
-north bridge voltage= 1.41v
-ddram voltage = 1.8v
-Fsb termination voltage= 1.24v
-south bridge = 1.09v
-Loadline calibration = enable
-Cpu gtl reference= x63
-north bridge gtl reference = x67
-ddr3 chanel A+B REF voltage = auto
-ddr3 controller REF voltage = ddr3_REF
-sb 1.5 voltage = auto

So with this settings (the ram secont and 3-th set of timings are a little high in comparation to default ones because i was aiming and oc from 1600 to 1800mhz) , and i was surprised to se that sistem is stable at 400fsb , 1600mhz for ram , all tests fine , temperatures where same at 333fsb.

My next step was to aim for 1800mhz for ram , i modifie voltages and wasnt able to enter windows:

-Cpu voltage= 1.43125v
-cpu ppl voltage= 1.5v
-ddram voltage=2.06v (tryed 1.82 , 1.84 . ....2..06v)
-FSB termination volt= 1.54
-south bridge=auto

Then was i try boot with the default manual set settings at 425fsb@1700mhz for ram , sistem boot but in 3dmark2006 failed ; again set the oc voltages , and i couldnt get it stable.

So i thought my ddram3 is a sssssssshhhhhtttttty ram dont work stable upper then 1600mhz.

I try change : DDRAM FRECV = DDR3_1066 mhz , so when in i cand oc fsb high the 425 without passing the 1600mhz ddram barier.

The problem is when i modifie ddr3_1333 to ddr3_1066 (with all timings set to manual) all my timing are lowered by bios automaticaly (all of them)

"***" is that and again sistem wont enter windows , i try set them manualy but they dont work .

So now im stuck ,any hlp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, sugestions etc.

Ps: sry for my bad english.

(and i have another less bothering isue , i conected the front audio and microfone case jaks to maximus extreme audio card , but they dont work , ***)