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Hi,I have a perc 5i with 512m ram and bbu.
firmware is dell 5.2.2-0072 a09
It work fine with my mb msi p67a-g45.
But today I flash 5i up to lsi 7.0.1-0083_SAS_FW_Image_APP-1.12.330-1300.
Maybe performance will increase??
That found the problem.

my os hd is a plextor m3 ssd.
Sometimes,no,is often,when I reboot pc(link press ctrl+alt+del or reboot in OS normally or hard reset),
after the monitor shows mb's bios,it will boot win7 and not post perc 5i's bios.
win7 will halt in windows logo, then hard reset,it will post the same problem.
Just the first boot(cold boot) is normal.

Does anyone has the same problem?how to solve it?

One more question:
Does 5i compatible with 6gb/s hard drive?I want to upgrade them.Such as hitachi 7k1000.d/wd 10ealx.
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I had the same issue occasionally when I used 7.0.1-0083, I pretty much always leave my PC on 24/7 anyhow so it didn't occur very often but in the end I just decided to roll back to 5.2.2-0072.

Be careful if downgrading firmware because your array might disappear, but if it does happen just reflash the v7 firmware again and at next reboot your array should be back again.
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Hey fellas I am getting some errors with my BBU. What does this mean?

Windows 7 64-bit, running 7.0.1-0083 for a few months now. whats going on? is my battery gonna die?

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Your battery is below the charge threshold, so any arrays in write back mode will switch to write through mode (unless you have forced write back for the array) and the performance will be awful.

This has happened to me with my PERC 5/i, but my battery right on the edge of being below the threshold. when it was below I was getting writes of 40MBps and when it was above I was getting 200MBps. I took me a while to figure the problem out because it seemed so random. i got a new battery from Dell and it's been fine ever since.

I'm sure you'll be able to find a new battery online for cheap.
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Finally installed my PERC 6/i smile.gif.

Windows 7 (x64) automatically installed a drive without error. I had troubles finding any useful downloads on the Dell site, but I managed to find MegaRAID Storage Manager (version, which detects the card correctly (even though I did not flash LSI software atm) and gives me the options to create a virtual drive and update the firmware (if I have a .ROM file), so I guess that will work.

So far so good, but I have a few questions:

I did not find any options to use my attached drives directly as separate drives, not using them as RAID (for now). Is that possible to do?

Does anyone have experience with flashing LSI firmware on a 6/i? (I now have FW version 1.11.52-0396 from feb 2008) But I could not really figure out wihch of the SAS1078 LSI cards the PERC 6/i is based on. Or can I just pick the firmware from any of them?

What are your results/recommendations? (The experience I have seen in this topic was generally about 5/i.)

Does Dell have an also useful or maybe better software for the PERC 6/i?

Any Perc 6/i advice is welcome.

(My planned use is to run 8x 5K3000 2TB drives in RAID-6, mostly for media storage.)
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You should be able to create Virtual drives with one drive a piece to keep them stand alone? I haven't tried, but would imagine you could. I also am looking for some some LSI firmware for my 6/i, but I am really thinking of upgrading to the H710 because all of my drives are 6gig compatible and I want to see the speed. I assuming they would be raid 0 or something with just one disk.
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I like LSI! smile.gif
I have checked out their website and found out three cards are very similar to the 6/i. MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2, SAS 8880EM2 and SAS 8888ELP. The best thing? I saw that they use the same drivers and firmware for all three (and more) cards! I have not tried it yet, but I believe that all drivers, firmware, software and tools from the below link (Support page of one of those 3 LSI cards) will work on out 6/i cards smile.gif.

If this works the way I think it does, it already answers some of my questions from my previous post smile.gif
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Which version are you using for the dell firmware? I think this is the most current for the dell with the adapter card and not intergrated. I am thinking it is version

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I have actually flashed the newest LSI firmware from the above link on it. The LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager tool still calls it a PERC 6/i, but mentions FW package version 11.0.1-0042, FW version 1.40.282-1279, FW built time may 2011.
But I have not tried it with any drives or RAID setups yet, so not guarantees smile.gif.

Oh and it has still not detected my BBU frown.gif. (Bought from here, had to buy a separate cable because the one it came with didn't fit the 6/i.)
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Hmmm.... This is what mine shows...

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