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Here is one of my Cooler Master Rigs! Cooler Master 830 Stacker (CSX Gargoyle)

Had the case for a while!! Just took it out of the Box recently and done a build and already want to do an upgrade and some modding inside and a little outside! Going to have to tear it apart and paint the inside black and have some other ideas make some panels, water cooling lot of ides got to put them on paper first and do a mockup! But this is I guess the before look come back with the after look later!
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Hope it's not too late to join this club.
I own a stacker 832, i've had it for 6 or 7 years now, and i plan to keep it 6 or 7 years more biggrin.gif

I have done some minor changes to the case to accomodate cable management:

Also made a fan mount (for the top one in the fron) from a thin piece of aluminum:

Recently upgraded from a Core2Quad 9450 to a 3570k:

Gonna run stock until i decide upon which cooler to get for the system - and you'll notice my cable management holes does not line up with the connectors no more mad.gif (i suspected this, but not to this degree):
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Hellow from Mexico friend's smile.gif this is my Stacker

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Calling all stacker 810 owners that might frequent this thread, I am in desperate need of two 5.25" full front mesh panels, I have been in contact with coolermaster and they do not have them in stock anymore.

If you happen to have two spare 5.25" full front mesh panels (not the ones with the 3.5" cutout) that you do not use/need, kindly post a reply, even if you see this post months from now, please replay, I will edit this post once I manage to get hold of the front panels.

Thank you
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This is my Cooler Master Stacker 831 after some upgrades. Black powder coat and nice cable management holes.

Build log pictures here: http://www.topzone.lt/forumas/17838-lovely-cooler-master-stacker-pro-831-modding.html
or here: http://forumas.modding.lt/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=6433
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IMG_20140329_003309.jpg 208k .jpg file IMG_20140329_003237.jpg 90k .jpg file IMG_20140329_003309.jpg 208k .jpg file Hi guys, im not a member of the stacker club, but, i bought a stacker 830 about a week ago for 60 dollars, mine was in bad shape, so i took it to work, scuffed it, and had it painted mustang blue, and added some racing stripes, hope you guys like it
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Hi guys i just want to share my computer
the following are the specs and modifications for the purpose of aesthetics and improvements in functionality.


motherboard: asus sabertooth z87
processor: inter core i7 4770k
memory: 16gb corsair vengeance pro
hard disk: 1tb wester digital blue
video card: msi r6970
power supply: revolution 900w
cooling system: water cooling setup
pump: xspc
reservoir: ek 250
radiator: 1 xspc triple rad
1ek singrad
swiftech apogee xt cpu block
ek rev.2 gpu block
14 pcs. bitspower bitspower compression fittings
6pcs. bitspower 90deg angled fittings
3pcs bitspower 45deg angled fittings

mods done:

extended case

top mesh changed to acrylic

side panel mesh changed to acrylic

name plate

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Very nice!!!
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tnx sir deejae72
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here is a different angle of my rig..

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