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i have a Gigabyte Ga-p35-ds3L in one of my backup systems, and whenever i put an ATI video card in the computer i can't run any 3d programs... i have re installed the OS, flashed the bios to the newest one, and tried three different PCI-E ATI cards (3870, 3850, and 3650). I have also tried using a PCI Radeon 7000. When i use Nvidia graphics cards i have no problems... my 9600GT works, and my 9800GX2 works, and my 8500GT works and my 8400gs works too... I tried Different CPUs, and different memory. Other than this my system is 100% stable. I RMAed the board once, and they sent me a brand new one that was still sealed but it has the same problem. What gives??? whenever i try to start any program that uses openGL or directX in XP one of the cores goes to 100% CPU usage, and i have to end the process.

it also only happens in XP. i have put linux on the system and it as no problems there, and i used an EFI-X module to put OS X on the system (which is the reason i need to use a 3870) and there are no problems there... but like i said i re installed XP fresh numerous times, on diffferent hard drives.