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Overclocking Issues

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hi all. after one week tweaking my pc i hit the wall.

i've upgraded my rig recently with following parts: AMD - Phenom 9950, ASUS - M3A79-T Deluxe, CORSAIR - 8500C5DF (2x2GB) & ASUS - 4870x2 (2x1024GB).

previously i peaked my athlon 4400x2 nicely with very high results. since i'm new to overclocking phenoms, after reading quite alot of overclocking guides over past week, i still hit few barriers with my hardware.

i only trust bios overclock so overdrive is only used for reference & quick benchmark.

currently i hit 8574 in total performance or:
IC - 15760
FPC - 5386
MS - 2480
CS - 13640

my dominator ram claims to run 1066Mhz 2.1V (lets ignore the timings for now & leave them on auto), but i cannot get it to run even after going all the way up to 2.4V (i will not go higher than that). i underclocked whole rig just to try it to run 1066Mhz - no chance. so i do 800Mhz for now... maybe i'm missing something here???

anandtech have a great article about ACC feature on SB750, but i cannot get it to run as well! i tried with auto - it didnt boot, then +2 - didnt boot.. even with extra voltage on all MB components i had no luck, it just refuses to work with any setting!

then there are the temperatures that really freak me out. i used to 35C 1.5V idle runs with my ASUS Silent Knight on 50% fan & AS5 when i had athlon overclocked from 2200 to 2600.
but this is just too hot: i get 50C idle when the fan is flat out 100% with standard 1.3 Voltage on 3Ghz. this is insane! is this normal???

Please could someone give me a hint on what could be wrong - this is really starting to piss me off since i don't want to loose faith in AMD products...


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i do believe the ram issue has to do with the timming. manually set them to higher timming.
for your heat the phenoms are alot hotter than the athlons. its not your cooler. maybe a bad seat or to much tim. i get about 53 load on my 9850@3.0ghz. using a s963, at 1.4, to get those temps on my 6000+ i had to use 1.5v.
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Originally Posted by noobdown View Post
i do believe the ram issue has to do with the timming. manually set them to higher timming.
i just pulled up every timing there is to the max, downclocked everything but still would not even post on 1066. after few experiments, the highest i posted was 880mhz. i started with high fsb of 240 and low multipliers for cpu & nb, then starting from 960mhz on ram i lowered fsb till i can boot, so now im on 880Mhz ram.

i thought that there could be some problems with my memory configuration, so i attached a photo of settings... could you plz tell me if its allright?
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