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Need overclocking advice!!!!!

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ok so i have an E2140 and the highest overclock i can get is 2.55Ghz while people are telling me that E2140s can reach well over 3.0Ghz. what am i doing wrong? my Fsb frequency is 316 and my core voltage is 1.272v. whenever i try to go higher my pc wont boot or its unstable. plz bear in mind that im an overclocking noob so.....yeah.
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Try setting your FSB to 375, multi at 8x.
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kk my multi is already at 8x but i dont really see how raising the fsb is gonna help when the oc is barely stable already. what voltage should i put if i do put it to 375?
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Try it at auto first.

Sometimes some motherboards have FSB "holes" and you may have to push through it.

The chip itself shouldn't be the limiting factor keeping you from 3GHz. And your MB is supposed to be a pretty good one.

Just keep playing with it, and inch up little by little if that won't work. Overclocking is really all about getting to know your motherboard, it's likes, and dislikes.
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thanks for the advice. i thought it might be something like those "holes" you described but i didnt really want to experiment coz im new to overclocking and i didnt want to blow up my cpu lol. ill try it now. brb.
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thanks man you are a legend!!!!!!!!!!!! it works now. i have a 2.99Ghz OC lol.
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Lol, thanks for the compliment, but I wouldn't go so far as to call myself a "legend".

What you can do now is run Prime95 for 6-12 hours to test stability. Once you've got it there, if you're so inclined, you can start messing with the voltages.

See what voltage it's running on for that speed, and set it to that voltage manually. Once you boot it up again, check stability. If it passes, then notch the voltage down just one. Reboot, check stability.

Keep doing that one by one. Once you get to the lowest voltage that is not stable, just back it up one more, and you should be at the lowest voltage your MB & CPU will run together at that speed. The end result is lower temps, because you're not pushing more voltage than your chip needs.

Auto voltage automatically applies a little additional voltage to your chip to be safe, but by doing what I just described, it could hopefully save you a good 5 degrees or more.
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The legend is your motherboard. I have it too, and it's for ultimate overclocking.
E8400 @ 4.05GHz, 1.20V
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