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After building an air cooled system a few weeks ago and getting the q6600 processor stable at 3.0 ghz on a P5N-d MB I decided to rebuild a new system for my armor case I had. I evicted the old M2NSLI motherboard and AMD 5200 cpu and replaced them with a Striker II Extreme and another q6600 plus 4 GB of Corsair DDR3 ram. I'm running on water at the moment, an all thermaltake solution (I know..I know..but I'm not that much of an enthusiast so Thermaltake will suit me just fine). I'm using a Bigwater 760i with an additional radiator venting out the back inbetween my cpu and the BFG GTX280 H20 I just installed.

Heres the really awesome thing: After fighting the PN5-d in my other system to get it stable at 3.0 I wasn't planning on getting much more than 3.2 or so on this MB. So after I get everything all set up and ran a leak check for a few hours I decided to play around with the amazing bios options the Striker II has to offer. I planned for a flat 3.2GHz oc by running 1600FSB and 8x multiplier at 1.38voltage.

I unlinked my ram and left everything at auto except for the above settings. Booted back to windows vista 64 and started prime 95. Stable as a rock for 4 hours. No errors at all. Then I noticed cpu was at 3.6ghz...I had forgotten to set the multi down to 8x....

Long story short I'm stable as hell at 3.6 with a noobie water system. My idle temps are 30 and my max core temp under load after 2 hours in Prime 95 was 55....

What an awesome motherboard. Yeah it's a little pricey but man this thing delivers the OC goods. I don't think I will push much more than 3.6 GHZ with this system since I'm on a low end water solution, but I'm more than happy with what I just achieved for a novice OC'er and a water noobie. I will add some 3dmark scores in a few days when I get back from travelling.

Thanks to all those who helped me in other threads with my OC and for piquing my OC interests.