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Do you need a quick solution for those Christmas cards you haven't sent yet? Grandma and Aunt Betty might not be ready for e-cards but I'm guessing a lot of people on your list will enjoy them. You can suggest you are being eco-friendly by saving paper if they complain.

The first important factor in e-cards is that they should be free. I am not interested in paying for them - for that I could send regular cards. Also required would be a distinct lack of hokey poetry and lame music. Here are some possibilities:
  • Card Funk turns your photos into dancing, animated cards. The only annoyance I found here was that I had to resize a lot of my photos to make them usable. Card Funk is not into working with big files and images have to be less than 500kb to be usable. You can really customize the characters and layout of the card as well as the text and music.
  • Phreetings (Photo + Greetings) is pretty basic and gives you a link to send for others to view the card you have created. Not quite as simple as a card arriving in the inbox but the photos available are pretty interesting and have a more international flair.
  • Some ecards for "when you care enough to hit send" with sentiments like "I'll never be the secret Santa you deserve" and "Thanks for giving me a gift I don't have to return." No sappy poetry and lame music here. The site offers Christmas and Hanukkah cards as well as New Year cards in case you can't get others out in time for Christmas.

Where are your holiday cards coming from this year?

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