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Originally Posted by pipo9 View Post
I had the same error trying to install Call of Duty World at War. Error 1327. Invalid drive D:\\.

At the time, my CD drive was drive M:\\, so I changed its drive letter to drive D:\\ and installed normally.

After install, you can change it back and it works.

This is why you should set your CD/DVD install drive to Z.

(Reason being allot of apps always look to where the original install was run from.)

If you set to to Z, you can add remove partition, extra drives, flash drives, etc, etc and it doesn't screw up to pathway.

NOTE: Same applies for something that you're installing from a hard drive- set up a install directory and run the installers from the same directory.

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Third for the 1337 error. Could have swore someone was trying to pull a "not leet enough to play" joke.
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