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Hey guys I'm really looking for some help here. Me and my girl like playing games together at home on with our 2 pc's hooked up on a lan.

We have no problem sharing folders and such over our lan and we can even play other games such as Diablo II on a lan no problem.

However we went to Best Buy and both bought the Battle for Middle Earth Anthology game and simply cannot get a network game going.

When we both click multiplayer and then select network thats when the problems start.

In the lobby you go to she can see herself and my computer fine. And when I create a game she can see that as well.

But on my PC I cannot see her in the lobby and therefore when she tried to connect to my game it says "Connection timed out".

I have no idea what to do and it's getting very frustrating. I don't believe it's a firewall issue b/c the first thing I did to try and fix the problem was to disable both of our windows firewalls.