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Bonfires have something very nice about them, maybe because they are commonly associated with quiet places where a group of friends are gathered and are having a good time together. One more thing about bonfires is that you can't simply make one when you want and where you want, unless you're living in the wilderness (but you'd most likely be all fed up with fires in this case). Nevertheless, thanks to designer Kang Kyung Lee, you can still enjoy a rather neat simulation of such a balefire that can be used in pretty much any place and under any conditions – the Bonfire Desktop Lamp.

The Bonfire Desktop Lamp is a very cool lighting gadget that looks way different from what you were used to expect from any common lamp. While modular lighting systems are one of the coolest around, this contraption is even cooler because it also needs you to “make” it.

Now, don't expect blowing or rubbing two objects one against the other, as the Bonfire Desktop Lamp comes in the shape of three tubular elements, which are bound together and can be spread. When “opened,” the Bonfire Desktop Lamp looks more like three wood chops leaning one against the other, and makes a pretty great symbolic reproduction of a small balefire.

The designer of the Bonfire specs that it will come alight by twisting and “opening” it at the same time. You'll thus get the tripod-like shape allowing the lamp to be placed on any flat surface. Too bad that Kang Kyung Lee does not tell anything about the light and power source.

Still, we could say from the pictures that the mild yellow lighting resembles quite a lot that of a neon tube and does not generate too much heat. One could believe that this light source looks quite nice in the dark, but they might like to know where it comes from – batteries, induction, fireflies? Some have already said that the tubular elements of the Bonfire Desktop Lamp would make great sticks for a night relay race...