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panel1 problems.

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Ok pretty much I am setting up my computer today, it is the ECS 650i T-A something here is the link:

If you can see the panel1 is normal, but in the manual it shows 1,2,9 then it shows you just where the HDD LED+/- and all those go, so i figure okay i'm good so i try to do it and i look at the picture, it only shows 1 2 and 9!

here is a link to the motherboard itself off of ECS website link

I really would like some help quickly for I have to head to Maine in about half an hour! Please OCN help me out for my first build!
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At i'm got that fixed quicklu, now it is a PSU problem, I go to power it up and it goes *Pshhh* Really quickly like y6ou would normally hear when it powers up, then it just stops, no sound, no fan nothing. I'm out but please people come on an hour with no answers?
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It sounds like you put the power leads to the reset, possibly.

I downloaded the manual and looks like ECS saved money by not numbering all the leads (that was a joke folks), but you can follow the pattern.

So your HD LED should be on the bottom left.

Your reset should be on the bottom right.

Your power on should be on the top right.

All of those are horizontal and ignore the far right pin and blank space.
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Thanks thumper i got that worked out Now the psu just goes *psh* then drops out, I think its DOA or shorting, but there is no metal near it, even when out of the case.
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Yeah, if the panel is sorted out than that sounds like a bad PSU. If you have a spare you could always test with a confirmed working one, otherwise it's RMA time for the PSU.
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Going to RMA the enire rig, PSU was faulty, blasted my mobo,cpu,gpu everythang. I even killed one of my fans!
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