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yep disabling ht helps. Plus dont believe everything you read on a forum. I have seen some people post screenshots of i7 920s doing 4.6 on air and saying its benchable but have yet to see any on air do that through a bench with an orb link... Even then they can run it and be on ln2 no way for us to tell if it was on air or not.

Btw try this with 03,05

raise your multi 1x higher then what you did for those runs
raise your blck 1 higher to (make sure memory speed stays under 1600mhz if you can do that without going below 1400mhz keep blck the same)
raise vcore just one notch
disable ht

and run and report back. Remember to thank me when your done gaining about 10-15k in points
edit oh 3dmark lol sorry