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Pentium M Overclocking

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Hi, my younger brother has a older computer. I want to overclock the computer but I'm not sure how to do with his. HP has disabled the overclocking manually with bios so I don't know. Some of the programs I used has not worked either. Here is his computer.

HP Pavillion Slimline s7517c Desktop PC
Asus PTGV-DM Onyx2-GL8E
Pentium M 1.7GHz
Socket 479

I'd like to know if its possible to overclock the cpu, and the integrated intel graphics.

If it is possible can someone tell me how? Thanks.
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Ok well they may be a way round overclocking his cpu with the clockgen program but mostly its very hard with OEM pcs ....now haha the intel graphics well theres no way i know off i'v tryed strip ect but i just could not get it to work
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