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Hi, i just tried doing this with my seagate 1tb 7200.11 st3100340as, the problem im getting is, when i power the hdd on and plug in the 3 wires, hyperterminal prompts "unable to open COM#. Please check your settings" ..could the pcb be broken?

any help please.

also, when i removed the pcb off, the mesh underneath looks like burnt staines?..do you think the pcb is blown? the chips feels hot when i plugged the power in..

Full story:

The drive was originally an external USB drive(Maxtor Basics 1TB),what happened was, was watching a movie, and the dog accidentally pulled off the power cable. There after, I re-plugged in back in, and the drive wasn't recognized. It made a "humming" noise (I think that's the firmware issue thing).

After which, I took it apart and re-connected it to my desktop..Sata-powered adapters. Got into windows XP. The drive loaded (stupid me, should of took the chance to back up the data!), but I thought I should do a scandisk...asked to be restarted.

Restarted, the drive freezes the loading screen and don't allow me to
get into windows, then.. restarted again...the drive didn't even get
detected in the boot up at all...

Do you think the hyperterminal method applies to me, or should I just give it to a Data Recovery specialist?
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Registered to simply say thanks to the OP, got me out of a hole with my 500Gb Barracuda!
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Followed this guide and got back my 500gb drive and all my files. Thanks!
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Does anybody know if this fix will work with a Western Digital WD5000KS hard drive? I'm willing to try if nobody else has, but the WD drive has 8 pins, not 4 like the Seagate. Any ideas on what the pin assignment is for the 8 pins on this drive? This is one of the drives that had both SATA power and Legacy power (Molex). Any input would be great, thanks!
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I wouldn't; this fix only works for those with a specific manufacturer - Seagate with a specific type 7200.11 and most often one type of firmware though others have successfully tried this fix with other firmwares. I would not recommend doing this since yours is probably a different problem. If you do, you did not get the encouragement from us.

@impy123 - it sounds like your problem is different than this one since my hdd's sound was normal before and after the problem occurred. My pcb had not burnt spots either.
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@boogers, are you waiting for the hdd to stop spinning when you first plug it in? I had similar errors when I did not wait long enough for it to stop spinning after first plugging it in. It usually took about 30 secs to 2 mins. Try that solution.
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I registered to show my appreciation to those who developed this fix and shared it with others. In particular cyberguy whose guide I followed. ( http://www.overclock.net/hard-drives...ml#post7803284 ) I went with a silicon labs 210x for serial connection. It came with cables for around USD 5 from China through ebay and works with windows 7 using drivers from their website.

My firmware was the SD15. Failed about 18 months after purchase.

I will never buy a Seagate product again. Such arrogance towards customers should not go unnoticed.
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Congrats, David on fixing yours. I'd recommend that you run some tests (short and long) from SeaTools to see if there is anything else wrong with the drive. Mine failed the tests and so I had it replaced after backing up all the data.
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I take it this BSY repair doesn't apply to drives with 'clicking' and not recognised?
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That's correct, wrench. There should be no odd sounds at all with the BSY and the BIOS problems. It is actually a firmware issue. "clicking" indicates something is physically wrong with the head or its components which a firmware fix will not correct. sorry.
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