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Thank you my77stang for all your help. I used your post along with the msfn.org post to restore my HDD. I'm typing from that computer right now. If anyone is in the STL area and wants your HDD restored b/c of the BSY problem, shoot me an email:


As you can see from the email address, I did not have much success with i365 as they claimed that the flashing of the new firmware failed.
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Originally Posted by mewisemagic View Post
my77stang do you have a link for the correct driver download for this cable? or anybody else? thanks
This should work: http://www.nokiausa.com/get-support-...42-ca-53-ca-70

let me know if it doesn't.

btw, I had to install it first and then connect the cable to the HDD and then plug in the USB into the computer. Then it installed the cable and you look up the motorola usb modem com port # and off you go.
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Originally Posted by TheInspector View Post

I've found the answer and if anyone needs the info here it is:


Ground needs to be connected to the PCB in order to get a response from terminal. No ground, no go.

My experience was the same except mine was made in china but the wires matched up. I didn't have to do anything with the yellow and red however since the power was already coming from the USB connection and the power for the HDD was from the sata power connection. So I only connected the 3 bl,wh,blue; they are also using a different board these days.
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great tutorial.

After I found my system not starting anymore I found out that one of my 1TB (st31000340AS model 7200.11 ) disk has the problem not getting reconised by the motherbord. The other I have immediatly upgraded the firmware with success.

Now the question, Is it possible to place the correct upgraded PCB with the correct firmware on the defect harddisk? I have not seen this option but I only want to get some stuff back from the HDD. Later I can do the procedure to get both drives running again.

I already ordered the nokia cable.

regards Walter
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I'm from the Netherlands and I have a "bricked" DiamondMax 22 drive STM3500320AS. I read your post on the firmware fix and I hope you don't mind me asking, but can I still recover my files or does this fix delete them?
And if I buy a CA-42 cable, how hard is it to find out what is the RX, TX and GND?

Thanks for the fix, I hope I can recover the disk.

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Gotta love Seagate. Just called their "helpdesk" and got someone who engrish is her 200th language.

"yes your drive is under warranty till 2013..
But your

is not one of the affected drives". YES IT IS YOU @()#*%@#(*$)#@(*$)@(#*$...

Call the company that it lists on the warranty page.
Call them....
"We are reseller, you will have to go to shop you bought from"
Me: they dont exist anymore
Them: Call Seagate.
Call Seagate - go in circles again...

Thats my last seagate drive.
I'll try the fix, but not confident.
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I would just like to thank my77stang (+1 REP) as I have had two Maxtor DiamondMax 22 STM3500320AS drives both with the MX15 firmware which have both been dead for months.

After a few purchases of the Nokia phone cables I finally found one that worked and have fixed both my drives (although one has developed another fault now).

Following the fix, both drives still have all the data and can be accessed again like new!

Other than to say thanks, I have registered here to add some input on the cables I purchased as it's currently not within these pages so hopefully it shall help someone else...

The first cable I bought was from Thailand which contained 5 wires.
Unfortunately, it required a load in the form of a battery or phone before windows would recognise it. It came with no drivers and just seemed more hassle than it was worth... at only £2-£3 I got back onto eBay and bought another one.

The second CA-42 cable I bought I made sure was from China.
This one contained just 3 wires.
White = connected to TX on HDD
Yellow = connected to RX on HDD
Green = ground

I found out these designation through trial and error with Hyperterminal by performing a loopback test. For anyone else who didn't know what this entailed, basically you connect 2 of the wires together and type something into Hyperterminal. If when you pressed a key, nothing appeared in the Hyperterminal window, then you didn't have the Tx and Rx cables touching each other. Once these were identified, by process of elimination, the ground was found too.

Also, I followed the film_go.pngYouTube- Seagate 1TB BSY error fix 7200.11 Firmware SD15 ST31000340AS video provided by user928754 (+1 REP) which was linked previously and I found it very useful to follow, so thank you for posting that up.

Anyway, thanks to all who've contributed within this thread, you've saved my bacon!
For anyone else reading this and wishing to give it a try, I have subscribed to this thread so shall get emails if people reply with questions that I might be able to help with.

Good luck!
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Two bricked Seagates within a week of each other. A 320GB and a 500GB. I365 fixed and sent back the 500GB drive with all data intact (BSY error). The 320GB drive has the 0 MB issue. Have just rec'd the Nokia cable and cd from ebay seller and will be trying the 0 MB fix using Hyperterminal.
Have been following this thread with great interest - kudos to all who have provided information and instructions on on how to fix these drives.
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The 320gb harddrive is now unbricked with all data intact. Rep+ to all - the instructions were perfect.
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Originally Posted by KabouterPaul View Post
I read your post on the firmware fix and I hope you don't mind me asking, but can I still recover my files or does this fix delete them?
Yes! The whole idea is to be able to regain access to the data. This procedure does not erase our data. It simply tells the HDD to get out of bsy mode. Let us know once your cable arrives how things go.

@Bogged, I had the same experience with Seagate. You should mention that your Serial Number comes up as an affected unit, you can test it yourself at Seagate.com and tell them about this website and about 4 or 5 other websites that talk about the BSY problem. They will 'fess up when you address them with the evidence. That's how my conversation with them went. All of a sudden, they gave me a prepaid shipping label to i365. i365, of course, is a whole different story as you can tell from my post.
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