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hey, im having an issue with mine.
intel i7 975 extreme edition 3.3GHz at x25 multiplier
bios version p09
windows 7 ultimate x64
western digital 500gb sata
6gb ddr3 1300Mhz

issues: when in bios, and i want to even try and overclock i enable the system turbo this is what happens
1. enable it; 2. save to rom; 3. computer instantly shuts off and restarts after a few seconds;4. loads windows just fine.
then here are the issues
5. if i restart the computer, i get a louder than normal *beep*; 6. computer halts and restarts; 7. loads past the marvell SAS and says
"ahci bios not found

checksum defaults loaded"
then it halts and restarts again and gives me
"overclock safety recovery running in safe mode"

can anyone help me pls? i'd like to hit 4Ghz at least.