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i'm confused. biggrin.gif

list what memory your using. a link would also be helpful.

what cpu are you using.


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sorry i thought the full spec was all there for previous post?

WINDOWS 7 64 bit, with avast antivirus.
Cooler Master storm enforcer case
Asus crosshair III Formula ROG board
AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8 GHz Six Core 125W
Gelid solutions extreme GC thermal paste.
8GB ddr3 corsair dominator 1600mhz 4 sticks of 2gb
powercolour HD7870 Myst edition
Corsair CX750 psu
Corsair H55 water cooling kit
LG HD Blu-ray drive
240gb Sandisk solid state drive
500gb samsung sata 3 hard drive

200mm cooler master fan front intake
H55 water cooler rear intake
2x 120 mm corsair AF ultra quiet fans top exhausting out

asus probe is reporting cpu temps around 25-27 degrees so looks good on basically idle
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programs i am running are
avast antivirus which i have been using for about a decade on all my systems and never had an issue before.
google chrome
vlc player
ms office 2007
nero 7 ultra
magic disc
creative audio software for the x-fi hi fi audio card that comes with this mb
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i've never been a big fan of manufacturer's windows software. quite often they don't ever update the software for
newer boards.

look in your bios for the ram voltage and see what it says there. from the corsair vengeance all i see is 1.5v. i could be
wrong with yours.


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yeah the dominator ddr3 1600mhz is rated online as 1.65v and also on the ram its self the sticker says 1.65v, so in the great scheme of things, does this mean the volate to the memory should actually be that in the bios etc?
or does it mean this is a max voltage and can be lower fine but meaning shouldn't be any higher etc?

if other people had this motherboard and memory and there must be some seen as this is the offical crosshair III forum lol with this memory what would other expect to see or would set the volate to in the bios for this memory?
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yeah i got the wrong memory in my head. biggrin.gif 1.65v is the voltage that is required for it to run specs. so yes it needs to be 1.65v. look in the bios. somewhere it should state the voltage it's running.

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i have that board for a backup and brought up from the basement.

you can check the ram voltage under the power tab in the bios under voltage.

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Ok so went in bios to check and do the following bios version 2003 first off.
going down to DRAM volage was as follows, and assume this was for all sticks as i have 4 in place and there was 4 showing.

1.204 / 1.111 / 1.812 / 1.554 found is strange there was all so different??

in different bit the voltage Monitor is stated 1.554

so i changed the setting in DRAM voltage as was set to AUTO obviously to 1.64300 next one up was slightly over at 1.65625

in the temps monitoring section had a quick check and were all as follows.
CPU 31 degrees
MB 25 degrees
NB 42 degrees
SB 39 degrees
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ok, see how it runs now.

check cpuz memory tab for the timings. are they at specs?

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i dont have cpuz will have to download it, wheres best place? the timings are on the sticks, think they are 9-9-9-24? from memory without looking as cant see them when in case does that sound about right? so cpuz should match this then or?
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