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i have prime95, have just downloaded cpu-z though
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ok so just opened cpu-z so what am i looking for etc for clarification? the memory tab etc?
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my 1600 defaulted to 1333 on my board and slower timings. i imagine you will have to set them manually.

once you get that all set up and if you still have a problem. i have something else we can do.

i'm stepping out for a bit.

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ok so went in SPD tab and in top half tells me all the relevant information like
DDR3 corsair, and each stick is 2048mb and the part number etc so looks all good then the timings table in the lower half

JDEC 1 JDEC 2 JDEC 3 XMP-1600 does that look right thought would have been jdec4?
frequency 444mhz 592mhz 666mhz 800mhz

cas latency 6.0 8.0 9.0 9.0

ras to cas 6 8 9 9

ras precharge 6 8 9 9

tRAS 16 22 24 24

trc 23 30 34 41

Voltage 1.50v 1.50v 1.50v 1.650v

theres all the information?
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in the bios when i first put the rig together a couple of weeks ago i set that up with the ram being 1600mhz and this board being 1333 so set it manually to 1600mhz in the bios and saved the setting, however when i went back in earlier on it was back to auto for some reason so set it back to 1600mhz again.
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ok so you know your way around then. thumb.gif

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i know my way around enough to get me buy, but thats about it lol, so does any of the above stuff look right or out of place to you? i thought some of those settings would have been the same on each stick rather than diffrent?
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thought the mhz or latency or voltage etc etc would have bee nthe same on all 4 if thats what the table is referring to but jdec and numbers 1 through 4? as i have not really used cpu-z before if being honest other than a number of years ago for something but have used prime 95 to stress the cpu last week and was all good etc? as i wanted to make sure i had a good stable system running for a good bit time maybe a few weeks before i maybe done a little but over clocking safely
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those are opitional settings if your referring to spd tab. what you want is the memory tab.
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ok the memory tab also, type DDR3 and 8gb total so thats right, dual channel so thats right, DC MODE unganged? not sure? and NB frequency 2006.4 mhz

DRAM frequency 802.7mhz


CAS LATENCY 11.0 clocks

ras to cas delay (trdc) 11 clocks

RAS Precharge 11 clocks

cycle time (tras) 29 clocks

bank cycle time 41 clocks

command rate 2T

and thats all thats on the memory tab so does that look good, bad right wrong etc lol? afraid does-int mean too much to me tbh
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