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do you do ebay? redface.gif


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there is always the possiblity that we will need to bump the vcore a little to get the 4 sticks of memory to behave at 1600. the memory controller is in the cpu. it's only rated for 1333 with four sticks. that said, bumping the vcore almost always solves the problem to run 4x1600.

as long as we have 4 good sticks!! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.giftongue.gif

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right ok, and yeah i do ebay, i buy and sell a fair old amount on there will check that link out.
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Hello again everyone is there anyone running an Asus Corsshair III Formula board that can recommend decent compatible ddr3 memory that works well with this board as i have had enough of the corsair dominator memory and am not happy with it, and am wanting to replace it with something else and there QVL list is not great.
so does anyone have any good recommendations of what to buy etc?? so i will hopefully have no more issues??
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so does anyone think this memory would be plug and play for this motherboard?

Corsair XMS3 16GB (4x4GB)

as i see someone selling it on ebay as a package fort a good price lol
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Originally Posted by grantyboy View Post

programs i am running are
avast antivirus which i have been using for about a decade on all my systems and never had an issue before.
google chrome
vlc player
ms office 2007
nero 7 ultra
magic disc
creative audio software for the x-fi hi fi audio card that comes with this mb

sure wish there would be some others to guide you besides me. biggrin.gif

from the above list, i don't see the need for 16 gig and your back attempting to run 4 sticks. not to say it can't be done and probably would work fine without touching anything.

i would be going 2x4@1600mhz. should be some good prices there too. tongue.gif

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Hi ud and thanks again for the reply, and yes you would be correct in assuming thats roughly all the above programs i am running with exception of maybe a few other light ones, however i was thinking about doing some light gaming with it to see what it could handle, so i think i would manage with 8gb to be honest as you say 2 x 4gb modules would probably suffice to start with and i could always upgrade at some point in the future if need be.
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