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I found it at a local chain of stores called Essex. They get returns and resale them but not all of the returns are broken or damaged. Many times they are selling new or like new products. It had been there since July so they were selling it 40% off of 59.99. After sales tax it cost me 39.50.

I use a Noctua NH-d14 that I also bought there for $33. The case has decent cooling ability for what it comes with for sure but the Antec 1200 I had is one of the better stock air cooling cases on the market. I got tired of it because the size and the lack of features it had.

I plan to leave the bottom fan open unless I can figure a way to force it in. I will use the sides as intakes and the top as exhaust. I ordered 5 Coolermaster Sickle Flows(red). I will get a fan controller for them later this month because I anticipate them being loud. I also plan to try to find a way to filter the side hopefully without blocking too much air.

Edit: I think the h100 will work for you just fine. Yes, there have been some that have not worked very well and many have had to try several units before they got a good one. It will not work on the side panel. I would say just put it on top. You will have to put the radiator on top and fans on the inside or swap them out if you can. I thought to myself if the radiator could go inside I could mount fans on the outside with grills on them If I ever decided to go that route.
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II THINK I'm going custom water cooling actually. For $145 I can get a complete custom kit and it features add on benefits later. If one part failed, I can switch that one part and not the entire system like these h100i etc.....

I will othe radiator on the inside and the fans on the top outside. Fans grills come with it so it will look finished. I'm stick with the storm trooper look so the kit is white and black.

Xspc is the manufacturer. Clean AS he'll.
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This freaking typing on the cell phone is terrible. Makes me sound fn retarded.
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I plan on getting this kit for watercooling an AMD FX 8350 OC'ed out. Hopefully this works out great.

I know to use distilled water for the water in the system and it comes with Dead Water for free. Is this all I need for fluid? Can I just get any distilled water?

I see also colored water and color tubes are available. If i want color, can I just use dye? Do I need to buy the "special coolant with color" from the website? What if I just bought the color tube? Would I then need also the color water or is pointless to also buy color water if the tube is colored?

Anyone have experience with the watercooling system that is not the all in one system?
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I know distilled water is used with additives. I know about the dyes and colored tubes. I have read lightly on water cooling. I have even seen people suggest food coloring instead of dyes in certain situations.

I don't have near enough experience or knowledge of water cooling to give you any suggestions. Your best bet would be to start something in the water cooling section or wait for someone in this thread to chime in. thumb.gif
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I actually am going with colored tubes instead of dye. Dye can create crap and backup. Doing White tubes to match the Storm Trooper look.
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I didnt do the color water crap. I did color tubes which I think is easier to keep up with and never changes. I also wanted to stick with the storm trooper theme. What do you think for $161.00 including the shipping? I have the Storm Scout II White for case.

Here is what I got (bought only 4 ft of tube for $10 instead of 6ft for $15):


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Sounds good. You should drop over to the water cooling section to be sure you have everything you need. Good luck with it. thumb.gif

My fans should be here Monday or Tuesday so after I get them in I will post some pics.
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can you install corsair h100i on the top without removing the cover? I don't like my radiator showing outside my cases, or should I get the h80i instead?
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In short no. Either radiator on inside with with fans on outside or visa versa. I prefer radiator on inside with fans on outside. You could also mount the radiator on the inside on the side removable Window where the two air slots are. Mount on the inside of the window and mount fans on the outside of the window. Just don't know if it's practical when you need to get into the case.

I went and bought a h100i to test the different possible setups. I took pics and will post them next.
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