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Apple IIGS

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I have faith in you OCN! Help me out. My work found an Apple IIGS lying around and instead of trashing it, I took it off their hands. I need the operating systems discs, though, for it to work. I was hoping to sell it on craigslist or something because I figured some Apple junkie would want it.

Anyways, I downloaded a program called TransMac to format some floppies to be read by older Macs. I extracted some .sea.bin files with Stuffit but they only would decompress to .sea (self-extracting archives?) which are supposed to decompress further when you double click them. So they wouldn't decompress and I can't get the IIGS to read/boot from the discs. Any ideas?
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I have Not tried using transmac, cause I have an intel mac, but do you have the full version of stuffit,( i think it might work with the demo). Double Clicking did not work for me either, so what I did was opened up stuffit, then I dragged the sea files to stuffit, then it extracted them. I have some saddening news though, Unless you have a floppy drive that can write 400k Floppies then it will not work. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the Apple IIGS cannot read anything but 400k floppies. Sorry
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