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i saw in my manual, that it supports OCZ3X16004GK
mine is OCZ3P16004GK, also 1600, 1.9v
what is going on?
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P6T users manual states OCZ3P16004GK is compatible?? haha you should let them know it's wrong.

If it's not Triple Channel, no need to get it for your P6T.

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there is a X difference
So is the problem only in the RAM surely?
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You will kill your IMC using a default DRAM voltage of 1.9v. It's been said that you shouldn't exceed 1.65v (in reality it is 1.80/85v). Triple channel memory kits are the recommended memory for a Bloomfield system. This is due to their low voltage (1.5v-1.65v) and also they come in a pair of 3. There is a reason why Core i7 systems have specifically optimized memory kits under the name of "Triple Channel".
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First it doesn't matter if it is dual or triple channel memory it will still work. But if you would like optimal performance then surely pick of a triple-channel kit.

First question is did you place it in the right slots? All the blue ones..........

You can try just one stick but place it in the first blue slot.
You read the slots from the cpu to the ram, left to right it would be a1, a2 - b1 , b2 - c1, c2 And you want to use a2, b2, c2 for the ram.

Seen this issue many times, not saying it is yours but would be a good place to start. Doesn't the p6t have a cmos clear button on the board and or on the back i/o plate. As i would try everything on auto to start with. Make sure you have a speaker plugged into the board so you can hear the beeps for error codes.
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X or not, either is dual channel so you still have the same issue.

Dual or Triple Channel memory does matter because optimum voltages are much different. If you had dual channel memory that is optimum at 1.65V, then yes it would work, but most need 1.65V+, like I said already, to be running at their rated speed.

Just read what 45nm said, pretty dang clear... and precise. =)

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It posted
Now i can see bios


The problem was the ram stick was in A2 instead of A1
Stupid... A lesson for those who dont use manuals- USE THEM

Now another problem
i set the timings to 9-9-9-24
frequency 800
dram voltage auto

Memtest 86+ doesnt last for more than 10 seconds , not even all auto

What should i try next

Cant stop from smiling...
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I'd suggest check your AUTO actual DRAM Voltage first. Set it at 1.65V, that way hopefully it won't stray too far from that.

So do you have 3 sticks? A1, B1, C1?

Where is it showing 800? BIOS? That's DDR3-800 not 1600. Plus if you are just using one stick, of course it will POST but actually have them run at rated speed and voltage is your actual problem. Not just posting, so technically your problem isn't really solved.

Not to burst your bubble or anything.. haha

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What in windows programs should i use for testing stability?
2 ram a1 b1

id be happy @ 1333 and 9 9 9 24 for this week, although im not sure, probably ill return this ram and buy a cheap one for this short time

No i know im not finished
Im have now installed W7
Waiting for ideas
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