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Yes i can contact you, but i don't see how much i can help you or myself for that matter since our problem is hardware related
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Ok, I have finally discovered why I cannot longer overclock my system over 225 Mhz bus speed.

I used to have my computer perfectly running on 236 bus speed with 1.452 v (it has a 200 bus speed stock) and now I can’t pass the 225 mhz. I have been trying to figure it out for months now, until today, why was causing this. Well, I thought it was a hardware problem, but it isn’t. Those 236 bus speed (=4012mhz) were possible using the stock cooler and the OS running on an HDD IDE of 320 Gb.

So, as it was doing so well in that setting, I decided to go for an SSD, a RADEON 7770 ATI Graphics card and a lot better cooling system. The fact is that my computer is now “as cold as ice” and even like that I cannot overclock over those 225 mhz. Even with Prime running for 20 hours at that overclock, the CPU temperature is always at 36ºC, when before it got to 56ºC at the same 1.452 V. So, how come my system cannot have now a higher overclock?

The answer was very simple, well, I see it simple now. Unfortunately I decided to upgrade the Bios (0402 stock) to the latest version (1701) and due to that, I guess, I am not overclocking my PC as I would like to any more.

Have any of you had the same problem?

Here I leave you my previous set up and how it is now.


AMD Athlon II x2 270
8gb RAM - 2 x 4 Gb Kingston 1333 MHz (KVR1333D3N9)
AMD Stock CPU cooler and 3 intake 120 mm fans and 1 exhaust 120 mm fan.
Integrated ATI Radeon HD 4250 GPU
HDD: Hitachi IDE 320GB


AMD Athlon II x2 270
8gb RAM - 2 x 4 Gb Kingston 1333 MHz (KVR1333D3N9)
Artic Cooling Freezer A30, and 3 intake 120 mm fans and 1 exhaust 120 mm fan.
ASUS RADEON 7770 Direct CU- 1120 Ghz
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Sorry if you answered this in previous posts but what exactly happens when you go past 225 bus speed ? Do you get BSOD and if so what in the culprit causing it ? It's strange that bios updates would limit overclocking when it should do the exact opposite especially from a brand like asus.
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Hello IAmWeasel.
Well the matter is that if I go further than 225, when restarting it won’t post at all, fans start but no beep. Meaning no post. So, I have to reset the computer and it post but says that the overclock failed and that I either enter Bios to use another set up or put everything to default. Either way, the computer won’t even start and I only solve the problem clearing the RTC RAM (jumper).
This didn’t happen before, if I wanted to lower the overlock I did it with no issue at all and I even got running stable at 240. So, how come I cannot go pass 225? I leave you here 2 pictures, one with the PC overclocked at 4 Ghz another with the temperatures of it now at 225. And I don’t see any other thing that could be causing this problem other than the Bios 1701.
I have written to ASUS today on how to recover my previous BIOS, but they don’t help. I have tried to get in the “Support Asus forum” but there’s a problem with that site because it won’t let me in… takes centuries to open.

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sorry the image with Batman is at stock clock. The one at 225 I don't have it. I made a video with it. I will upload i to YouTube. Temps at 225 are maximum 36ºC, and that during 20 hours under Prime 95. it got to 38, but it was at the very beginning.
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Problem solved... I am back at 240 mgz 4080 mhz overclock. I downgraded to the original BIOS that came with the motherboard, the one I have before upgrding to the latest et voilà. My compute is once again overlocking as it used to do before.

I think there's still room to further overclock, since my temps are still at 36 with Prime with the option of maximum heat to the CPU... I have to carry out other tests with Primes, but not this month... the electric bill will probable be high this month.

I'll post a video on youtube and some pictures here... I'll lt you know
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Glad to hear it was solved, you are lucky you can get 4080 mhz out of it, after i got my X2 260 i couldn't get it past 218 without it instantly BSOD and later found out this happened because of the memory controller hating DDR2. I wish i knew this before i got it, i would have picked a phenom x2 black edition instead frown.gif
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what brand is your motherboard?... first change to ddr3... have you updated the Bios?
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AsRock N68-S with the latest P2.10 bios, i can't switch to DDR3 except maybe buying another motherboard plus the memory itself for which i don't have the money frown.gif , my problem is memory controller related so no settings or bios updates can fix it :'(
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here you are my Athlon 270 working beautifully at 4080 Mhz. Check out the temperatures!!!
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