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Been on lots of forums trying to get my gaming issues resolved..
Everyone had a different "fix", although the most prevelent seemed
to be the "affinity" fix.. That seemed to work on only a few games.. Tried
everthing else, including tweaking my ram timing and so forth.
Anyways, I was on ATI's site on friday and noticed they had a new driver
set out.. Catalyst 5.12 for Win64 Pro.. I didn't get too excited as that never
seemed to help, we won't even go into the "Catalyst or Not" debate..
Like i said, wasn't too excited until I read the release notes:
Catayst® for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition introduces dual core support..

Humm.. So I uninstalled my old ( 5.11, with the non-catalyst control panel )
Installed the new 5.12 WITH Catalyst..

Everything works great !... Havent had to do the "affinity" deal or use the
2000 launcher which i was using just to get some of my games to work!

Anyone using an AMD Dual Core processor with an ATI card and having
simular problems to what I've described, giver 'er a try.. Worked great for me!