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i don't suggest this motherboard. i have the neo4-f as well. i'm running 2.6 GHz on a 3500+ and my ram is running at ddr540 @ 2.5-3-3-7 1t, but it has problems and bugs, not to mention that its max memory voltage is 2.85 (which is fine if you're running these sweet ass TCCD chips). also, vcore in software just has bad fluctuations (i've seen this in multipe neo4-f/fi/platinum boards). so if you plan on overclocking with it you'll get a little ways, but don't expect to keep up w/ those danged ole DFI boys.

To each his own for sure but I think if you change your ram timing from 1t to 2t I think it may stabilize for you. I have not changed any of my memory voltages at all yet. I tried mine on 1t and it was nothing but problems.