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What's the difference new sata

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I know there is supposed to be a difference, but I really cant tell it. I have a 60gb ide I guess its a ata133 7200rpm harddrive. Recently I bought a new 140gb hardrive, I need this for video editing, Its has sata 7200rpm. I really cant tell the difference. Inface it almost seems the sata hardrive is slower.
Could this be because its the slave drive?

How much is sata supposed to imporve proformance?

Also im not using the specail power supply made for sata, its just using the older type plugs. Ive got an adapter but it works without it.
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The sata I drives are 150mb/s. IDE is either 133, 100 or 66. SATA II is 300mb/s. The most likely reason you're not seeing a difference is because its not a giant step up, although if you were to put your page file onto the sata drive it will help performance overall and you will see a difference. If you were to install windows onto it you would see a slightly faster boot up and some system things would go smoother. Try the page file though it would be your best option, also set it manually to something like 1536mb min. and 1536mb max, that way the page file is one size all of the time and isn't being resized and fragmented. Don't forget to defrag the drive when you set it/reboot.

Please fill your system specs in: click on the User CP upper left of the webpage and click edit system specs. It's on the left hand side of the page once your in User CP. Good luck.
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