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need troubleshooting help

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here is the system specs
Asus M2N-MX SE Plus Motherboard
Athlon 64 3200+ i think (it is a 90nm Orleans)
Generic 450w PSU
Nvidia 7200GS
1 or 2GB Ram (1 stick i think it is 2GB)
Seagate HDD (i think it is a 7200 rpm and of unknown space)
Windows XP Pro sp3

The computer posts then windows hangs at the screen with the loading bar moving across the bottom of the screen I can get into safe mode every now and then but other times it just hangs at giveio.sys I have ran chkdsk once and it said that there were problems with the file system.

The computer has done this once before but we were able to get it into safe node and chkdsk fixed it but windows installed updates and now it just hangs.

Help please
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Can you format the hard drive or test with another one?
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Don't have a Spare hdd and there are still files that i need to get off the other HDD and all i have is a Sabayon live CD with me
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