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Hi all,

I thought that I would post this one as I think it's something to be proud of! I can't stand the levels that can be done as speed runs so this one is hard work and VERY hard to do quickly. My tip to get a fast time on this level is you cannot hide, you must get out there and get all 4 sentry guns up and running. Then retreat to the diner and snipe quickly with the M14 thermal scope. There is a reason why they seem to be everywhere (at least 3 I know of).

My previous best was 5:25 for ages until I modified my tactics a little this week. In the same day it then went down to 5:20, 5:02 then 4:58 as below. I fail to see how it would be possible to get much quicker without a Stinger or by cheating.

Unfortunately my PC is too slow to run Fraps and play at the same time so no video. It is only a P4 3GHz, 1GB RAM with an HD4670 AGP.
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Hey i just saw this and thought it was a good idea, i think i might be a bit late but i have beaten all of IWs times, cant be bothered putting up screenshots for all of them but you can see videos of all of them on my youtube channel here http://www.youtube.com/user/klooger28?feature=mhum
I did most of them on regular since thats what IW did it on, but if it was possible on veteran then i did it. Hope u these vids help you guys in any of the missions that might be troubling you.
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okay i have Defeated the Previous Record on Body count
here is a youtube link to prove it
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