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The problems comes from the usual fact that Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatality Pro sounds cards are fully recognized by windows 7, and drivers installation comes automatically from windows update. They do not work properly. Go into Printers and Devices in your start menu, right click on the thing that has your computer name on it, and select "Devices Installation settings". Then select manual install, and make sure to select anything that will make sure that windows will not try to install them from Windows Update, then uninstall everything related to your sound card. Reboot and place the installation CD in the drive, then install all you need, especially Dolby Digital Live Pack. Then when auto update pops in at the restart of the computer, search for updates, then install everything (you may skip creative media source 5, it is not needed anyway). Get ALchemy (very important if you want to use full EAX in games, as well as 5.1 sound) and make sure you update Dolby Digital Live Pack to get the latest version, which is very stable.

Like a reminder, never let Windows install drivers for you, always do it manually, as many drivers might need further clean up after uninstalling, before installing new drivers. You should get Driver Sweeper to get rid of any left over by old drivers after uninstalling, before installing latest drivers for any critical device like a sound or a video card.