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You are the MAN! I fixed this problem with total success today following your instructions! Thank you! Saved me some $$$ thumb.gif
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Hey, I signed up just to say thanks! $0.56 worth of parts saved me a new monitor.

Thanks again, you rock!!!
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I have a SyncMaster 2243SWX and recently my monitor has gone "blank" with a very faint image on the panel. If I power off and power on, there is a full working image for about 2 seconds then it goes dark. Power light is still lit and the laptop/computers will still recognize the monitor...

I've attached photos of my board and the caps, but they're all FLAT, except i noticed theres browning on the PCB..

Notice the brown spot...

I have included a video.
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Are the scorch marks around the inverter? It appears they may be. I would replace all but the largest capacitors and then the inverter. Or replace the capacitors and inverter at the same time, which is what I'm doing with my 2343.
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Hi guys,
Hoping someone can help here. First of all thanks for the tutorial on how to fix the flickering problem. I followed it but noticed there was another of the 820uF 25v caps that was bad so replaced that 4th one as well. Hooked everything back up and now I just have a solid gray screen when I turn on the monitor. Any tips or advice would be helpful.


Update: I jammed the big plug in upside down! All set. Again you rock for the tutorial!
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Just registered to say thank you to dricks, great work and money saver, I used the instructions to fix my 2232BW, with these components:

25V 330uF 105°C Long Life Low Impedanz Capacitor X 4pcs

25V 820uF 105°C Low Impedanz Long Life Capacitor X 4pcs

I also wish I'd ordered 2 packs of the larger 820uF, as the caps of the two further up the board (about an inch apart from each other) had actually split / yellow goo coming out the top (as had the one closest to the 33uF) so had to replace them, and leave the 'least bulgy' of the suggested row of 3 (the middle one in my case) but monitor working fine again (for now).

I found the hardest bit, was getting the plastic casing off, I found using 2 flat head screwdrivers, one very thin, one a bit thicker, and 'wedge and twist' worked, with the small one first, then get larger one in and twist until the case came furhter apart and the clasps unclicked, all the way round the edges until they were all out.

Thanks again!
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Found this forum.

Read this thread.

Repaired my screen.

Save £150 on a new screen!

Thank you DRICKS
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if this isn't appropriate mods please delete

But i just signed up and wanted to say thanks to dricks for his post.
I have been using my flickering screen for months but couldn't bring myself to replace it since I'm currently running three of the samsung 226BW's I really like the symmetry and would have looked out of place to just change one.

So I am really really grateful for stumbling onto this thread and finding your informative post.

You saved my screen for the price of a cheeseburger meal.

thanks again!

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Thanks!!! I fixed my SyncMaster 226BW Replaced 6 x 820uF with 1000uF (which were easier for me to get a hold of) and replaced the 330uF. Everything works great again.

My 330uF had started to leak and the 820uF's were all a little bulgy.
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Created account to just say thanks for the great info. I didn't mind buying new monitor, but hated idea of trashing the old one.
Also it's always rewarding to fix something without involving duct tape.
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