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I'm currently experiencing video problems with my computer, i have narrowed it down to having to be a problem with either the motherboard or the chipset. When playing any videos on my PC whether its an actual dvd, video rip, clips, anything it looks as if i'm watching a VHS movie, quality is horrible whether it is on my tv or monitor(lcd or crt), doesn't matter, picture is very grainy. My setup is as follows:
Abit AN8-Ultra
AMD 3800+ X2
OCZ Platinum Rev 2 2x512
Enermax Liberty 500w PSU

In my pc i have changed many parts since it was built a few months back, including ram, psu, video cards and cooling components. My pc has had a BFG 6600GT which was then upgraded to a BFG 7800GT. At first i believed it was a problem with nvidia cards but i checked out my brothers computer which has an Abit AN8 (not the ultra) and he is using an ASUS ATI x700pro and he is experiencing the same problem on his computer. I then took his video card out, installed it in my pc to see if it would work..same problem. One of my friends just built a computer almost identical to mine except he has an eVGA 6800GS video card in his pc, he is experiencing the same problem. Also we have another friend of ours who has a very similar computer to 2 of us and he is experiencing the same problems. The only thing similar on all computers is the Motherboard and chipset (except one is an AN8 the rest are AN8 ultras).

This is a weird problem because games work perfect on all 4 computers, 3d graphics are rendered perfect, but as soon as its actual video the picture quality is horrible. We have rolled back drivers on our graphics card to see if there was a change, we have updated and changed chipset drivers, we have also flashed the bios. All installs were clean driver installs using driver cleaner. We have even tested different codecs and everything we could possibly think of between 4 of us. Codecs or Media Players make no difference the problem is still noticeable. We also tried a voltage increase to the chipset from 1.6 to 1.7 on three of the four computers and it didn't make any difference. Also used many different resolutions from the native resolution of the monitor to lower resolutions all in Windows XP (pro and home).

Sooo, the only thing left is the board and chipset. We have spent many late nights running through forums and sites looking for people with the same problems to find no results. Any help on this topic will be appreciated.