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Dear TEC Guys

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I am open to any suggestions and ideas you may have.

A vendor of mine is Ferrotec:


Also, I have access to one of the largest electronic distributors in the states for any misc things.


I can buy anything from them via my company access. With your suggestions, do you guys recommend me buying any Tecs and which ones?

I also have access to any MEAN-well/ Cosel Power supply unit out there.

As I work for an engineering company, we have built our own tech controllers for our products, I know of standard tec controller products, but can anyone recommend a good combination w/ the links provided?

So basically, do you guys have any suggestions for me as to building my own TEC cooling for my INTEL I7 (sig), as I am very NEW to TEC.... :swearing:
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If I had a cent for every time someone asked this somewhere on the NET I'd be rich.

I have my own ideas (though I am not an i7 owner...never will be.) but these are based on the figures of manufacturers TEC performance charts and cooling an i7 doesn't look practical/possible.
Indeed Swiftech announced with great aplomb they were going to make a MCW7000-T especially for i7 owners based on a custom TEC but apparently they couldn't find a TEC sufficient to do anymore than can be achieved with top water-cooled system.
Gabe (Mr Swiftech) actually said this :-

However their are people about who claim to cool an overclocked i7 with an air-cooled heatsink on a medium powered TEC - standard TEC charts and figures dictate this as not possible mainly due to the heat coming off the hotside of a TEC, but people insist it is. Not having an i7 to check it leaves me fiddling in the sidelines

So who do you believe ?????? An international company or some Joe Bloggs....

So I predict you will get a mixed bag of replies to this.....

What we really need is some certifiable result as to the true wattage output of an i7 along with its specific model number as there is a difference of some 40w on the max TDP across the i7 range. And of course the output of overclocked chips needs considering. Then we can see how it will work with differing TEC's. I think the problem really stems from the fact that until there are more multithreaded programs around the vast majority of people will actually only use at the most 2 cores unless thay are running a bench program.

EDITED - You will see from looking at your Ferrotec standard catalogue in the high power module section there are only 2-3 TECs with sufficient power whilst they are quality manufactureres it may not be the place to get what you want unless through your work you could aquire some custom module samples but they may require a definate bulk order before doing this. Indeed you may find it very difficult to get anything not on the standard catalogue of any company and TECs of the power rating we need for computers are not plentiful.
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I pretty much agree
I would love someone trust worthy to TEC cool a i7 it would could put this debate to bed on whether or not a OC'd i7 really puts out the heat that those calculators say. Unfortunately it seems like that could be some time off.

If you want to TEC cool a i7 and know it's going to work then you need to make a TEC water to Water chiller with about 1000-1300watts of Qmax and under volt the TEC's
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Everyone has his own standard.
Basically, which model of i7 at what frequency and how low a full load temperature is defined as acceptable? One must spell out his standard or else it is hard to say 'yes' or 'no'.

Looking at your signature, you are running an i7 920 D0 @ 4.035GHz with 1.12Volts at 55C Loads with H50 modded. So, I am taking that you want something better. But how much better? How far down below 55C are you looking for?
BTW, comparing with air cooling, I would say you already have a very good load temp (chiefly due to the D0 4GHz 's low voltage? or maybe, you have done very serious modding to the H50?).

So, hopefully people with an i7 920 D0 can share their experience with you. My case is not exactly like yours but I can share this:
i7 965 4.02GHz (1.38125v) full loads at 47-51C under a CoolIT Boreas + HK 3.0 (21C ambient, 15C coolant). You can see that I have a relatively high 1.38v. I expect the temp will be much lower if the voltage is as low as yours.
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