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Just add to this. The ikari line was developed during 2006 and released in 2007 when world of warcraft was really really big and steelseries was sponsoring the top guild in the world at the time. If you think about mmorpgs their is only 1 thing that matters in terms of mouse performance and that is latency of the mouse clicks being recorded and the ikari line take 2 spots in the top 3 in this situation with the Ikari optical being the best recorded in the world and the Fatal1ty 2020 and Ikari lazer falling behind by just 1ms as recorded by the japanse mouse click lag testers. a lot of other mouses clicks are 10 to 20ms behind these which does matter in this use case.

I beleave steelseries may have developed the ikari line specifically with this trait in mind for Nehilum who where the top EU guild at the time. and even they may have been the ones that requested it being the top priority.

lots of encounters at the time required precise clicking of objects in perfect timing.