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Alright, I'm thinking I might try to OC my old pentium 166 system. It's already at 200MHz, and I was wondering what a few jumpers do.

W7 is labeled VOLT SEL. The options are VRE and STD. The board is default at VRE.
W13 is labeled SYS CLK. The options are 1/4 and 1/3. It is set to 1/3.

There is a jumper block that controls FSB. It's settings are OFF ON OFF, which gives it 66MHz, and ON OFF ON, whic makes it 60MHz. Does anyone know what will happen if I set to something like ON ON ON?

Alright, those are the jumper questions. Does anybody know if this can go faster? There're no further jumper combinations that would allow me to do higher than a 3x multi, so I'm hoping for FSB options.

Also, I have a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 card based off of an S3. Does anyone know if this is overclockable?