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fx5700 temp. question

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System setup
Xp pro
AMD athlon 64bit 3000+
Asus k8vse deluxe
1GB of ram
Nvidia FX 5700 125mb Apollo
350W power supply mobo temp is 34*C and CPU temp is 40-42*C

1st question
I searched the forums and found out form you guy that I should use coolbits to Oc so I downloaded it but before I overclocked I ran 3dmeak03 and scored a 3042 3dmark said I had a memory of 486 and a core of 301
My coolbits said it was at default of 500 memory and 425 core
Why are these reading different?

2nd question
Next I used the detect optimal frequencies button with coolbits and changed my clock speed from the 500 memory to 628 and the core from 301 to 485

I then scored a 3637

At this clock speed should I worry about the temp?
I have a factory heatsink and fan on the card and from other posts I have looked it you guys said the 5700 cards don’t have sensors only the 5700 ultras do

Thanks a million guys
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I don't know the answers to any of your questions. I just wanted to ask you a question: where's the punctuation baby?

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At max load, when you can't touch it longer than a few seconds because it burns, then you know it is overheating. Perhaps you can install a temp sensor on it for a few bucks. If you haven't already, apply AS5 to the core. Or you can get a thermometer and place it on the videocard during heavy loading, and see if it stays below 70-80C max.
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