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I'm having a same kind of problem. Others can hear music very well (Teamspeak, MSN and ventrilo), but when speaking, nobody hears well. Check out: http://www.aijaa.com/v.php?i=3946111.jpg does anybody know why realtek locks these? That's the reason why others can't hear me.
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hey guys, i am having this exact same problem... and like the origonal post says my mic also works on my laptop (it is also a logitech headset). it recognizes that it is a microphone but when i try skype or sound recorded or ventrillo it does not seem able to pick up sound. the headphones on the headset work just not the mic. blingbling87 said something about changing a 6 channel setting to a 2 channel but i cant seem to find that setting in any tab of my realtek hd audio manager nor do i know what it means. i also cant seem to find any where where my mic may be muted so if you can coach me through any of this please post and help, i will appreciate it very much. thanks. P.S. i have tried the jacks in the back and the front.
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k after playing around with it for like an hour i think i may have found the problem but no idea for a solution... im pretty sure that the mic iss picking up sound but for some reason my compute (well realtek actually) is picking it up as really quiet even when im yelling into the mic. i figured this ou by maxing all the volume settings and the "boost" and now when i run skype it picks up a TINY little bit of sound, almost in audible... any ideas on how to fix this??????!!!!!!!
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I got same problem that my mic is very quiet in skype, TS works littlebit better but not great either
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Hey, try speaking into your earpieces. I know it sounds crazy but trust me. I think I am having the same issue, because I noticed the low levels, especially when yelling, but when I bumped my earpiece the levels shot up. When I turned on listen to this device and spoke into my earpieces I could hear my voice coming from my speakers, total silence when I tried speaking into the mic. This is happening with every headset I plug in, both my Logitech H111 and my Beats. If it happens to you also then I(we) may be a step closer to solving this issue.
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Annd I just noticed this is a thread from 2010....good job me.
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