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Rightyho! I've tried searching for answers to my questons, but I think the problem is I'm not entirely certain what I'm looking for (not knowing all the lingo etc.)

I got a Point of View GeFore 6800GX card yesterday - intsalled fine. (Hand't heard of a 6800GX before, but I figured it's got to be better than a 6600?) First thing I noticed is the card shows up as a 6800XT?

Software CD came with an over clocking registry key, which allowed overclocking using the NVidia drivers (in display properties > settings > advanced > GeFore 6800).

However when I try adjusting at all and click test, it say's "Overclocking Failed, try reducing clock speeds and try again." This happens no matter what the clock speeds are set at (even the defaults of 300MHz / 700Mhz). Even happens when i try to detect possible speeds.

This also occurs using RivTuners driver overclock facility.

In addition, when I unlock the additional piplines I get what I can only describe as 'speckling' on some of the 3D textures. Kind of like snow noise, but much much less, and very isolated.

All this has compltely thrown me, as the guides I've read don't mention these scenarios! I'd be HUGELY appreciative of any thoughts / insights anyone can give me.

I'm using 81.94 drivers I think. One more oddity - when I downloaded and tried to install driver from NVidia's site it said no compatable device was found.


Many thanks!