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Poll Results: Is it better for fans to push or pull air through a radiator?

  • 63% (109)
  • 36% (63)
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Currently my rig is set up as a "pull", mainly because when I built it, I wanted to see the fan rotation from the shrouded front of the external radiator stand. After building it and running it for awhile, I decided (or rather my inner geek in me did) that I liked seeing the tubing, reservoir, and all the "kewl looking" stuff, so I spun the radiator stand around and now proudly display the "back" side.

Next time I drain the loop for the annual maintenance, I plan on pulling the fans out from between the rad's and the stand, bolt the rads directly tot the stand, then put the fans in a "push" configuration on the opposite side of the radiators.

I already have an idea for a "seriously wicked" cover, I just need to find the right fellow geek with a CNC machine who can do it justice.

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Well I can't remember where I got the information (martin210 no doubt) but anyway, for low RPM fans it was push that was better and for high speed pull was better.

Apparently push is a lot quieter than pull. The difference between the two is only ±2°C at most, so very small. I remember martin210's recent thing on shrouds and how they make very little difference if any at all, he was using GTs and they are a little odd.

There is only one real way of finding out and that is by testing.
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