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Just got my new mobo and RAM

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i just got my new ASUS P5WD2 Premium and my new pqi 667 dual channel ram(2x512mb)
what should i start doing???
how much will i be able to overclock???
i got artic silver5 too but i have stock coolers
might get water cooling
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First things first.......

Start putting everything together and fire it up.

After the installation of everything you have to do, to get the system running, try downloading the 0606 BIOS and flash.

Then you'd be able to start pushing the system to the stock HSF limits which wouldnt' be as high as a 3rd party HSF.

Try to stay under 1.5V core, say a 5% increase first above 400mhz and go from there. RAM should be in the 2.1v to 2.3v depending on the ratio you decide to play with.

Write RAM freq. down to remember which setting is which.
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can you give me a link to the bios???
so should i increase the ram voltage???
and how do i flash??
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BIOS, ASUS PC Probe II V1.00.43 here: LINK.

Chipset v, RAID F6 disk, Matrix Storage Manager Installation Utility v here: LINK.

For the rest of your Qs here:

Read up and learn the art of overclocking, once done it's easy to fallow, if confused, write things down, log-in everything that work or didn't work just in case you CRS. Don't panic if the system doesn't boot up after an overclocking setting, just turn power off.......keep a floppy with the current BIOS (or the a copy from the ones in the cd) just in case they get corrupted. It happened twice to me and was able to recover from such mishappening.
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Should be loaded with 0606 already, I bought mine about 2 months ago and it came with 0606.......
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yeah on the bios chip it says 0606

my system is running 58c idle i think i didnt put enough as5 cuz i didnt overclock
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