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Recently got a MSI R5770 PMD1G and started oc-ing. Went up to 960/1405 (from 850/1200) so far (might go even higher) on stock voltage (1.2v), perfectly stable with hours of Crysis Warhead. So here are my questions:
1. Is it safe to use such high frequencies on the memory without heatsinks on them? as I have seen pictures (thermal imaging) with the memories being really hot on these cards.
2. When I enable unofficial overclock in Afterburner (to go past the 960 mhz cap) i lose powerplay but I can use 2d/3d profiles with Afterburner to solve that but my problem is that it enables 3d profile even when watching a movie, which barely puts 2-3% usage on the gpu. I don't want the megahurtz to jump up when it there's barely any gpu usage.