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maybe I am not aking correctly... but in need of help.
I upgraded my Dell Inspiron 1150 Cpu from a 2.6 celeron to a 3.2 P4 mobile cpu.
the machine booted fine and worked fine for some time.
though after a while it shut down due to a over heat and now when i boot the screen is blank,
the fan comes on , the hard drive starts and shuts down then the fan stops.though the power light stays on.
I reinstalled the 2.6 and everything is as it was before the upgrade.
I know this 3.2 should work because through research I found that others have used a 2.8 P/N SL725 with no problems
and the 3.2 P/N SL77R both have the same specs.
I am at a loss and dont know where to go from here.

**note** I have up dated the Bios to the latest A07, updated the chipset. its a fresh install of Windows xp pro OS with sp/3 and all the updates.
the updates... I thought i might have cooked the CPU (3.2) and ordered a new one.installed and got the same results at boot up.