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Have you Prime95'd or OCCT'd or any other stability test on the PC?
IntelBurnTest High 20 passes as recommended, and numerous hours-long video renders that all occured without problems; I was going to Prime95 overnight as a longer-term stress test but due to heavy schedule constraints (including studying, festivals my mom hosted and the currently-happening Foldathon) I wasn't able to; I guess this is a fairly good opportunity to adjust my OC if necessary. My GPU folding is still stable anyways.
I have Project 6073 once again so I'll be able to figure out where the problem is occuring; I've reverted my CPU voltage, set RAM to 2T instead of 1T and increased NB voltage to 1.35v. If it fails a bit earlier, then I'm pretty sure it will be the CPU.
Strangely enough, is now reporting about 3k more PPD on the same WU compared to earlier... (almost 9000 compared to ~5500 earlier)
EDIT: My CPU PPD is now over 9000!
EDIT 2: My computer has strangely BSOD'd just now (and it did not affect Folding performance on either CPU or GPU client), but I'm choosing to ignore it as it was a "3B" BSOD and was caused apparently by a system file. Just posting in case it might have something to do with Folding.
EDIT 3: CPU is definitely stable now, been folding all night without problems at all In fact I now have a new project. Now just gotta solve my GPU folding problems and I'm all set.
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