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I have a Q6600 G0 VID 1.3000 currently overclocked at 3.0

Recently I've been lowering the CPU voltage to battle some heat issues and at present I'm at 1.275 from the 1.4 that "auto" supplied...
Now .. prime95 does pass ok, while it does it 70C ... but i'm not worried about that, the problem is that while playing CSS (Counter Strike: Source) my display driver "encounters problems" and resets (it lasts a couple of seconds, then it plays on normally, for a limited time, until the process repeats). The game isn't to demanding so temps are around (50-55C CPU, 60-65C GPU)
The thing is... that it also happened when i was searching the forums to find a solution and was scrolling around the pages... nothing else was on, the CPU was more or less idle:
-CPU temps at 40C (my room is hot as hell, facing south )
-GPU temps at 60C (for the GTX285's that's basically lukewarm)

Now i'm using the P5Q (for anyone who cares) and i have upped the NB and SB voltages to 1.3 to try and solve the problem .. I'm a bit afraid to up those 2 anymore, since i don't know what i can damage by doing so (i don't want to loose the 285, never mind the fact, that it's about time for a DX11 card :S ) The DRAM voltage and settings are according to my RAM (4,4,4,12 - 800MHz - 2.0V)

What i don't get is the "FSB strap to NB" currently it's set to 333 as is my FSB, or should it be set to 400 like the ram? does it even matter since i i read somewhere correctly it has to do with memory timings, which are set by me manualy??

Than there's the PCIe freq that's currently locked at 100, would I gain anything by upping that up a bit?? (in terms of stability not performance)

Than there's a lot of little things i don't even know about and could possibly save me from my trouble, but for those i could use some help/advice! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!